HOPE Galaxy NFT collection 1 REVEAL



Community-driven projects are exactly how real cryptocurrencies should function. That’s why we created Hope as a community-driven project with a governance model which is a form of governance where the power source is community members, in this case, our Hopers. It is the community that decides which laws and regulations need to be implemented or maintained for the harmonious development and existence of our project. Thus, each community member gets the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process. This is exactly what happened with each and every proposal we have launched. But that’s not all, Hope token is not only the governance token but it also opens perks such as rewards staking.

Hopers.io the first IBC NFT marketplace

Hopers.io is the world’s first Interchain IBC NFT marketplace that is completely community-driven with a revshare model for the $HOPE governance Dao token stakers. Since the launch, we have made several updates and improved the platform on a daily basis to make the experience for the NFT holders in the space as smooth as possible. At this point, you can already buy and sell the mint passes from the Hope Galaxy collection and right after the reveal day, you will be able to put in the market your NFTs too.



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Hopers.io is the first rev-share IBC NFT Marketplace. Hopers.io is fully community-driven powered by the governance token DAO $HOPE a CW20 Token on JUNO.